Our Mission trip to Peru is scheduled for June 20th to June 28th. Our mission; work with the Goshorn family in the Peruvian Andes in the  Huancayo community (pronounced wankio). One of their focus areas is working with a local orphanage.

Our team will be taking 100 children's spanish bibles for the orphanage along with 110 reading glasses and agape bags for the residents at the local womens prison. The Goshorn's have requested some personal items (Cinnimon Cereal, Pop Tarts and Ovaltine) that they cannot get there in Peru. They had to leave a piece of their luggage behind after their last trip to the United States recentley that the team will take to them. The Mission Team will will be providing and installing 2 new computers for the orphanage as well that will be purchased in country once they arrive.