We live in a rapid fire world! No doubt about it, our schedules are packed, our work is full, our leisure time is...well, not leisurely at all!! We are so overloaded in our personal lives that quite often, the first thing to get squeezed out is time with God, and time for our faith to be renewed. So often, we don’t allow for, or make space to respond to God, to hear from God, to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to hearts, because we are in a constant state of go, go, go. Over the coming several weeks, at Covenant, we want to try and help change that which has seemingly become the "norm." Each week, we are going to intentionally create [SPACE] within the context of our worship experiences to "be still and know that He is God." I hope you will make time, that you will allow time, that you will come and worship with us on Sundays.